Making a new Automation start from empty naming

Does anyone else not prefer how we now need to wait to name a new Automation?
The automation needs to be complete and valid before we can name the it.

At this point I forgot what I wanted the automation to be called:(

I am however a older American lol :laughing:… So this may not apply to others:)

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Know what you mean :roll_eyes:

I assume you’re talking about saving an automation when editing in the UI? It’s true that it needs a valid trigger and an action before it will save, but you can put anything in as a placeholder while you think about what to call it, if that’s important to you. Asking for trouble, though… :laughing:

I agree.

Also, it’s best to get the name right from the start otherwise the entity name needs changing too.
Also, this is different to how scripts get named which seems inconsistant.