Making graph to get kwH/{month, day..} from a metered wall plug?

Hello, I have a Fibaro metered wall plug switch, it reports watt and kWh and I can see the actual values.

However from my understanding kWh is the total it have ever consumed through the plug. If I want to brake it down to kWh/day to get a graph is there any good way todo that? I guess I could make an “algorithm” to calculate it from the meassured power, just checking if there are any standard way todo this in hass.

I’ve done this by creating a new helper Entity to capture the kWh from your source and set it to reset daily. This way you get a graph showing kWh today. Is that what you are looking for?


That’s what the utility meter helper is there for :slight_smile:

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yes that was a solution I was thinking aswell. Maybe that is the way to go then :slight_smile:

That’s it @Neil_Brownlee. Sorry forgot to say Utility meter in my post.
Give it a go, you can always delete it and try again. I’ve used them to great effect to capture daily readings.