Mamually install hassio docker

I need to install hassio via docker. I’ve Raspbian with docker-ce.
Once pulled homeassistant/armhf-homeassistant and homeassistant/armhf-hassio-supervisor.
I’ve started homeassistant with docker run -d --name=“home-assistant” -v /home/pi/config:/config -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro --net=host homeassistant/armhf-homeassistant
and it works.
HassIO doesent work with this command
docker run -d --name=“hassio” homeassistant/armhf-hassio-supervisor
cf70f6a4ba0d homeassistant/armhf-hassio-supervisor “python3 -m hassio” 6 minutes ago Exited (1) 6 minutes ago hassio
defb25aaedc7 homeassistant/armhf-homeassistant “/bin/ pytho…” 7 minutes ago Up 7 minutes home-assistant

Log: CRITICAL (MainThread) [hassio.bootstrap] Can’t find SUPERVISOR_SHARE in env!

How can I start hassio?

This question was never really answered. I want to manually start home assistant as well. The install process uses a docker pull. I dont want to use docker pull, I want to use docker run as I have a lot of extra volume mapping to do. Looking at the very cryptic does not help. It alos uses docker pull:

# Pull supervisor image
echo "[Info] Install supervisor Docker container"
docker pull "$HASSIO_DOCKER:$HASSIO_VERSION" > /dev/null
docker tag "$HASSIO_DOCKER:$HASSIO_VERSION" "$HASSIO_DOCKER:latest" > /dev/null

How can I start home assistant manually from the command line please

I’m just starting learning HA and Hassio and looking for something similar.

What I did already was installing HA (not Hassio) as a docker container and Hassio RBPi image. As I like a little more control of how things works in my environment, so I’m looking to install hassio in a containter on a rbpi that is already running with other things.

Just to clarify, to run a docker container, in a docker runtime, you must have a “run” command. The “pull” command is just the download process.

So, analysing the file, what it is doing:

  • recognizing the OS/arch to download the right image
  • downloading the corresponding image
  • settings supervisor and apparmor
  • settings for systemd (here is where the container is started with docker run command)

Here are the lines with the configs:


And what you are looking for (so did I), is is this file

I hope that it helps.

Hey @tuts:

I am using a docker-compose set up to bring up my home assistant infra. I have it running with just homeassistant not hassio.

Do you know what kind of env we need to give to hassio_supervisor container and the hassio_dns container?

@Race Anyluck getting this setup work?

As of my understanding by now on how hassio works, and to make sense using hassio at all, I believe that the best way to use it is using their script. Most, if not all addons, are container based, so hassio needs to “manage” its addons containers, thats is why it has the hassio_supervisor.
But it doesn’t mean that you cannot run your own containers in parallel on the same machine.

So, you run their script to setup hassio containers and your docker-compose up -d for yours containers. Don’t even need to be in this order.

Not a solution - but I thought I’d post as food for thought. Also wanted to install hassio-supervisor as a docker container; battled with it (part time) for a couple of weeks. My main reason was for the duckdns addon; e.g. what’s the point of getting security alarm alerts that someone’s tripped the alarm in my house without me then being able to remotely login & see what was tripped and/or if someone is still there.

To that end I just installed a wireguard server instead so that I can vpn into my house from my computer or my phone. After that - everything behaves exactly like I’m at home. Combined with build in dynamic dns built into my ISP’s router; simple, secure, lightweight, fast. Here’s an easy tutorial to set it up if you’re interested; takes about 20 mins:

Bonus; then you can do other things; like access your network fileshare etc… (if you have one at home for example)… Login to your router & reboot it; blah blah.

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