Management of underfloor heating system


I’ve just started using Home Assistant in my house.
Right now I’ve flashed my sonoff bridge (pro) with tasmota and using several temperature/humidity sensors to closely watch my environment.

Right now we have basic Fränkische underfloor heating system with one control unit per room. It’s not easy to control heating system with this method. Also there is a actuator / per pipe (more than controller btw) in the

I want to change my heating management to something compatible with HA.

From what I see, there are several per-radiator wireless thermostatic valves in the market. But in my situation I need to change actuators in the manifolds.

Can anyone recommend a way to accomplish this project ?
I thought I can use radiator valves and command them through the values from temperature sensor values. But it won’t be easy.


Let me reply my message in case an another user reach this post :slight_smile:

I am using Sonoff 4ch pro r3 to manage my thermostatic valves.

HA reads room values from sonoff zigbee temperature sensors.

I need to find a decent temperature sensor.

Hi @erdembey does your solution work well? I’m thinking of doing something similar:
I’d use Shelly 4pm pros to control “normally closed” valves. Each Shelly could therefore control up to four rooms (each of the four relays would control one room, if more valves are used to heat one room, the cable coming from the relay would be split up to control more than one valve).

As you mention, I’d have temp. sensors in each room. Temp. control would happen via thermostat entities in HA.

My heating guy says this should work. But would be great to hear that something like this (at least similar) has worked for you. :slight_smile: