Managing automations

Hi All, I’m new to Home Assistant and have kind of a noob question. Is it possible to combine automations in groups in GUI? Because of how Home Assistant works it often requires to create many automations to handle one thing. For example: I have plug in hybrid car and I charge it at night, so for it I have at least 4 automations:

  1. turns car charger at 10pm (for the next automation)
  2. at 10:01 send me a notification if car charger is not consuming power saying that car charger is not connect, than turn off charger
  3. at 4am turn on charger
  4. at 1pm turn off charger

So you see that first two and last two does one task actually, but because Home Assistant mostly works in trigger->action flow, it required me to create 4 automations for it. It is not a problem for me, but when I go to Automations in GUI it shows me hundreds of automations ordered by name and it takes ages to manage them. Would be super nice if it would be possible to just put that 4 automations into “Car charger” folder/group/list.


You may want to look into packages. It lets you collect all the components for a particular area, topic, etc together into a single file. For example I have a weather package that has in it automations, scripts, helper entities, sensors all related to the weather. Makes for easier modification.

That is for overview tab, I don’t want my automations to be shown in overview tab.

Create a seperate dashboard for them then.

That seems to be good for handling all that stuff in files, but is there is a way to have it gui?

Nope. Hence our other suggestions.

You can always use the filtering criterion on the Tools/States page. If you are clever with your naming it should be easy to display related groups.

It just seemed wierd for me, I thought I was missing something. It is just strange that people need to create many different ‘automations’ to handle ONE thing and then create another cards/packages/dashboards to manage them. Thanks for answers, the easiest way for me seems to just rewrite ‘Automations’ page and add that functionality, instead of using workarounds.

There are a few feature requests you could vote for related to this:

What do you mean by “manage them”?

Do you mean to view the status of the automations (on or off) in the lovelace UI or do mean you want an easy way to access them for editing in the automations editor UI?

It seems that some are answering the former and others are answering the latter.

In my example from first post task 3 and 4 do one thing, if I want to change time of when charging starts or stops I should go to Automations page and find that ‘automation’ out of more than 100 other ‘automations’. I change it not often, so I don’t want it to be anywhere in lovelace UI.

Right, that’s what I was understanding that you wanted.

the issue is that the automation UI editor isn’t very full featured. There’s no way to sort/group them like you want.

Your only other option is to write the automations manually in yaml and split your config by using !includes or packages. I actually use both depending on which way makes the most sense to keep things organized.

If you post the code for your four automations, we may be able to help you reduce them to one or two automations. However, the end-result may have to be created with a text editor because the Automation Editor has limitations.