Manual climate configuration with 2 way frontend update

Hi everyone,
I’m struggling with the configuration of my air conditioning system, but I’m missing something.

the ac system (AirZone controlling daikin unit) offers a local web api to get and post data to the system. Link here: manual

I managed to retrieve all relevant data (status, temp, humidity, set point, etc) via a command line sensor updated every 5 seconds with curl command and created all the relative sensors as per attached image.

Now I’d like to be able to control the various functions other than reading status via switches (on, off), input numbers (setpoint) and input select (working_mode). The status in the frontend should also reflect the manual instructions given via the normal ac remote.

What am I missing? I think the switch could be accomplished via a switch template, but I have no idea regarding the other 2.

Thanks everyone!