Manual installed lovelace card modules ignored

Hi, I know this question has been discussed here multiple times but I have not been succesful in solving my problem.

My homeassistant instance is 2023.1. and I do not have supervisor nor hacs installed due to hardware limitations. It is running on debian 11 on an arm board (olimex). Unfortunately I do not have the possibility to upgrade to a supervised installation.

I need to install some additional card configurations, like layout-card. I’ve downloaded the zip-file from github and unzipped it in .homeassistant/config/www after adding it in the resources list (via dashboard), and restarting homeassistant I expected it to be available in my lovelace frontend. Unfortunately I keep getting the error:

Custom element doesn’t exist: layout-card:

In home-assistant.log (set to default debug) I get no reference to any manually installed module, it seems that all are completely ignored.

Could it be that the additional resources are expected in another directory? Or is there an option which needs to be set to include additional resources at all?

All help highly appreciated.

I don’t use the UI so my help will be limited but what did you enter into the URL field?

it should be something like “/local/layout-card.js” (assuming you put it directly into the www directory instead of into a sub-directory under www)

it won’t work if you use “www”

Thanks for your reply. The files are in ./homeassistant/config/www/… and in the UI I’ve entered them as /local/…

The ones I try to install are layout-card.js and card-mod.js

There appears to be an error in the mime type of the additionally loaded modules. In the firefox console I get this error for these modules:

Loading module from “” was blocked because of a disallowed MIME type (“text/plain”)

I’ve been looking to change the settings of the mime.types and found one in /etc/mime.types. But changing this from application/javascript to text/javascript (which currently seems to be the default, did not change anything. The error messages remain the same.

I’ve not been able to find where the webserver definition and settings are for homeassistant.

Still not been able to solve this probem.

Summarizing: I put some additional homeassistant card files (like layout-card.js) in .homeassistant/config/www and referred to them in the resources tab like /local/layout-card.js. In the frontend I get the error message that these files do not exist when I refer to these cards and in the browser console I get a “disallowed MIME type” error.

I’m fairly sure that these card-files are not found at all. When I add a reference to a resource which does not exist there is no error in the log files and when I put a regular index.html file in /config/www it is not found, I get a 404 error on

Is there a place where I can check how the builtin webserver is configured? Would it be possible that hass is looking for additional card-files on another place than /config/www?