Manual language selection not updating on devices


After upgrading, at least to 0.66 (maybe also in 0.65.X, I didn’t check this one), I can’t change the language from Configuration -> General.

I now have a MacBook and an old android 4.2 tablet, where it is stuck in English (what I want), and a phone running android 7.0 and an old iPad 2 running the home assistant app where it is stuck on Danish (I live in Denmark, but have never set it for Danish. On the phone I had actually previously set it to English manually).

I am just supposed to select the language, and it should change right away, right? there shouldn’t be any need for a reboot (I did try this as well, but this didn’t work either), or any other “tricks”?

Both android devices are running chrome 65.0.3325.109, and are on the same network. Chrome on the MacBook is 65.0.3325.181.