Manually adding z-wave device to stick (and HA)

Hi all,
I added a Quibino relay to a hall light and had trouble adding it via Home Assistant. Only thing that worked was removing the Aeotec stick and manually adding it with the button, about a foot from the switch.

Plugged the stick back in, started HA, and checked the Z-wave log. It found node 7 as a binary device and seemed to get a lot of information from it. However, there was no new node added in the node list, nor anything available on any of the home assistant GUIs or device lists.

So the stick and Z-wave process seem to be talking to it and get info when it’s flipped, but I can’t seem to figure out how to add it to home assistant.

Any advice here?


For Home Assistant to get the device information from openzwave, the device needs to be added into the network via Home Assistant.
With Home Assistant is is verer recommended to use the button on your stick, IIRC.
(My zwave stick has no button)

I’ve read of that method working, but all the posts were older. Odd that it shows up fine in the xml, just not on HA.

Most of the stories are people moving the stick from a different implementation altogether to HA and it finds the devices.

It may be a signal strength issue. I bought some wall outlets to hopefully mesh the network a little better. I’ll let everyone know if that works.

When I added some devices which were not in openzwave, I modified openzwave before adding the devices. The devices continued to be recognized, even after an upgrade reverted the openzwave settings.

In fact the #2 tTroubleshooting step says to delete & re-add through HA.

Oddly enough it eventually re-added the node from my stick to the OZW node list but the details were incomplete. However that was necessary to remove it out of the config forever. Simply editing the xml didn’t do it, which was weird, but I eventually got there.

Seems to be working now. Thanks.

Delete your /config/zwcfg_0xdfxxxxxx.xml file and reboot HA. You should be able to see the devices. Battery devices might be a bit tricky as they are only responsive after wake-up. As long as you don’t have battery devices this is a safe approach.

After the deletion of zwave device you still have entries in /config/.storage/core.entity_registry that you might want to delete as well. Be careful though as any mistake and HA won’t start up.

Which is why you should use the Entity Registry button in the Configuration menu.