Manually calculating power consumption of lights

Hi Bram. Thanks very much for this integration. I am enjoying seeing how I can best use it in my setup. One thing that would make things easier for me is to allow group entities. I have five Hue bulbs in my kitchen. They are all either on or off and I already have a group setup to control them. I would like to be able to use that entity and a fixed calculation mode to display the power used for all five lights when they are on. Possible?

Yes this sounds possible. I have made an issue on github with this request. Planned to do some more work on the component later this week.


Can you please help me understand now().replace() function . how is the arguments calculating 1yrs. What if I wanna do it for 2yrs or 6month etc…

Hi I tried this , but i see the numbers of hours will keep reducing sometime, I guess after a restart it goes back to some random hour lesser than the actual reading and again continues . any idea for this behaviour ? Does restart of HA reset these values ?

I found the answer for understanding how the now().replace() is wroking from another member Jonny… (Thank you Jonny)
Here is the explanation if case for anyone else looking for it.

It is taking the now() and replaces parts of it. Take 2021-10-25 20:42.00, replace month with 1 and you get 2021-01-25 20:42.00, replace day with one to get 2021-01-01, and so on. It basically replaces everything except the year.

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Dumb question… if my lights are 13W, and I have 6 of them on a switch, then I want my configuration to look like this right?

  - platform: powercalc
    entity_id: light.dining_table_downlights
      # 6 downlights @ 13W for TV = 78
      power: 78

Have I got this right?


Yes Correct :+1:

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Thanks @OzGav

Are these lights dimmable? If so, you should have a look into linear mode, as the 13W will only be on full brightness.

Your configuration is correct to multiply the 13W by 6. Alternatively you could also use the multiply_factor option.

- platform: powercalc
  entity_id: light.dining_table_downlights
  multiply_factor: 6
    power: 13

Thanks - yes I figured that out (and have now done it).

Not dimmable.

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