Manually run discovery

I know a number of people disable discovery because of the fact that it automatically adds devices, runs continuously, and can be a source of a lot of errors in the logs. I’d propose a couple changes to make this feature potentially still useful for those people, like myself:

  1. Don’t automatically add anything. Any components that are found should simply show up on the integration page as an option to enable, but should not be automatically enabled. Honestly, this may be the plan already since some components work like this, but it’s not consistent so I’m not really sure.
  2. Add an option to run the discovery service only when manually requested. There could be a button at the top of the integrations page and/or a service call to do so, which would run discovery either for a set amount of time or until canceled. It would show integrations on the integrations page as it finds them so users can enable them. This is essentially how SmartThings handles it as well (or at least did when I last used it).

Just disable discovery in your configuration.yaml or ignore some platforms :wink:

    - sonos
    - igd

I believe discovery is disabled by default ?!?

I feel what you want, as I have tado TRV’s and koogeek switches I face the following problem.

To use the koogeek switches I have to add homekit to discovery as I can’t add these switches manually. But when I do this it will also discover the tado internet bridge. Which is Homekit compatible. However when putting the code into Home Assistant nothing happens. So the config notification will persist. Turning off homekit discovery will render my koogeek switches useless as they won’t be able to talk to HA.

I would wish there was either a way to add koogeek switches without the need of the homekit controller or that I could either add my tado internet bridge to HA or get rid of the config notification somehow.

i think for the first item the each item would need an integration developed to be shown on the integration page, this is probably why you see inconsistent results as some are built others are not

So, I opened an architecture issue as there was already a somewhat related one, and after some discussions it sounds like this is essentially already in the plans except that a few lightweight discovery protocols will run continuously. Other custom or intensive discovery protocols will not. Nothing will be added automatically.