Map no longer shows people

This probably does not belong here but I couldn’t find a category for highlighting issues about the latest release.

On my install the Map looks so much better but it no longer seems to be adding the people onto the map. I didn’t spot any need to change anything in the release notes so I had just expected them to show up. Is this happening to anyone else and if not any ideas for what I can do about it?

I can see family members on the map that are currently not at home. And that is apparently how it is supposed to work. The comment in the documentation about devices at home not showing up on the map is 5 years old.

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And if you want to see people on the map then you need to use the map card.

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Yeah that’s what I was doing.

Good news is they have just appeared. I suspect it is because nobody had moved out of range since I did the update. When my wife went out we both suddenly appeared on the map.

Moral of the story is get off your butt and go out if you are not seeing yourself on the map :wink:


Strange design decision IMO. Might be missing something but if I want to see where the kids are I just have to infer that “when they are not shown on the map they are most probably at home”?