Maverick BBQ Thermometer

Any grillers here?

I`ve been struggling with this for a while now and hopefully there are someone here with better coding skills than I that are interested in BBQ.

I have a Maverick ET-732 Thermometer and according to this repository you should be able to extract the temperature using python:

It would be awesome to read the temperature in HASS from my smoker during a low & slow…

But I can´t get it to work.
I hooked up a RXB6 following @brusc tutorial and I can see that it register codes from a remote. But running the script above just gives me gibberish in debug and nothing in normal mode.

My initial plan was to send the temperature to HASS using MQTT but a HASS component for the Maverick would be even nicer.

But for now a confirmation that the above script is actually working would be great.
So, if there is anyone with a Maverick, can you please try it out?


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Can you link to the brusc tutorial?