MCOHome Touch Panel Switch 2 Button

Had no problems adding MCOHome Touch Panel Switch 2 Button MH-S412 to the zwave JS. Running on Raspberry pi 4 and Aeotec z-stick 7. Can controll it from the ui and the buttons lights up and turns off.
The problem is when I press the buttons. The ui don’t update the state of the button.
If I press the refreshimage
Then the current value changes, but the ui button is still off.

Re-Interview your device and check your associations. You shouldn’t have to refresh to see updated values it should update automatically. To check your associations go to groups then check tif their any entries in the list. If you can post a screenshot of what you see in the groups menu.

I have reinterviewed. Tried exclude and include 4 times. Same results. Thr zwave stick was 30 cm away from the device when I included it. It worked in Home seer and Z-Wave.Me. Z-Wave USB Stick.

After seeing the screenshot of the groups list I have confirmed that the problem is an association problem.

Associations control what devices a node reports information to. If no associations are set no device will receive messages from that node. This is why when you press the button you don’t receive an update.

To fix this go to the groups page click add then select the default endpoint then select the lifeline group. You should see a setting called target node. Select your controller from the list. If you see the endpoint option select no endpoint otherwise click save.

Your device should work properly now.

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Thank you! That worked!

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