Media_player automations?

How can I create an automation that triggers when next_track, previous_track, play, pause, etc control buttons or one media_player are clicked to then kick off an action to perform that same control activity on another media_player? The universal media player won’t do this and so I was thinking my only option is to create an automation off of SERVICE_EXECUTED - but I don’t know how.

I have an update to media_player.plex that will now show PlexConnect Apple TV’s. The problem is that the plex api can’t control PlexConnect Apple TV’s. But I can now control the Apple TV with the new media_player.appletv component. So my plan is to create an automation on when next/prev is called on my media_player.plex device, it sends the same command to my media_player.appletv device

I don’t think it is possible to catch those events.