Media_player.chromecast_ultra increase off state attributes

I posted this over in issues of pychromecast, however it may actually be more suitable here.

In a similar vein… is it possible to expose more attributes in the off state? currently only friendly name and supported features are shown. It would be super useful if say, device connected or loadevent has occurred to use as a trigger in automations to get around netflix etc blocking idle states.

I have my chromecast ultra hooked up with constant power via hdmi to my tv, while my tv is off I can connect netflix to my chromecast and start a show, it will however sit on 0 seconds playing and the HA state remains as Off, It would be handy if they brought back idle like YouTube, however that seems unlikely. So It would be great if there was a “entity(device) has connected to chromecast” attribute that could be used to trigger a TV(non cec) turn on trigger while in the off state.

HDMI true may be another option? that should be true only while the TV is on and false if it was off…

Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed.