Media_position attribute missing in Node-RED


I’m trying to build an automation based on the media_position attribute for a media_player entity but this isn’t present in Node-RED? Have been trying both using the “event: state” node (triggering by changing the state) and by using the “current state” node to fetch the entity information. All other attributes are there and when viewing the entity using Developer Tools I can see it. See attached printscreens.

Does anybody have any suggestions? What am I missing?

This is what I get in Node-RED:

And this i what I see in Developer Tools:


try expanding context.

Sadly there isn’t anything relevant in Context

On the right look in global context to see if it populates there. hamburger menu–> global context → refresh → home assistant -->states

Hi! Interesting, I didn’t know about that overview in Node-RED, thanks! It is there when viewing it but if I use a function node to load the state and fetch the attribute then it isn’t there. Then I realized that it might be a timing issue, so I put a Delay node for a couple of seconds before fetching the state. Then it works! Both the function and get state node now gives me position, it’s just odd that it isn’t there at the start.