Media Source video from notification does not play on ios

I am trying to open to a media_source video via a notification on ios. I have

    - "/config/media/"
    local: "/config/media/"

setup in my configuration.yaml The video does show up in my Media tab in the Home Assistant app and it does allow me to play it when I select it there. However, I am attempting to send a notification to my iphone that, when clicked opens the app and plays the video. This is my test automation:

description: ""
trigger: []
condition: []
  - service: camera.record
    metadata: {}
      duration: 5
      lookback: 0
      filename: /config/media/test.mp4
      entity_id: camera.driveway
    enabled: false
  - service: notify.mobile_app_shawns_iphone
    metadata: {}
      title: Test
        url: /media/local/test.mp4
      message: Test
mode: restart

When I run this, a notification is sent as expected. When I click the notification though, it brings me to a screen with a crossed out play button. I am not quite sure what is going wrong. Thanks for the help!

Just wanted to add some additional info, I did read through the meda_source integration documentation. I am able to send the video to one of my media players and it does play the video there. If I place the mp4 in the www folder, I am able to access it using the <home assistant ip>/local/<filename> but I don’t want to put them in that folder as it does not require authentication.

Bumping can anyone provide some insight? I am stuck here