Media streaming platform - Im pulling my hair out

Ok, im going crazy! I’ve spent the last weekend trying to integrate a media streaming service for homeassistant, something like Spotify, YouTube Music or Tidal etc.

My Goal:

Integrate a media streaming platform that looks and feels just like the Spotify web client. Displays my artists, albums etc and the related artwork, and also with a search function.

What ive done!

I installed Mopidy, I installed the related extensions such as mopidy-spotify and also Iris, I integrated Iris into HA as a 1panel card and a webpage card, this works amazingly well! I spent an entire weekend trying to get this working only to find that mopidy-spotify is dead. The WebUI loaded well and displayed all my album art, all my playlists and artists on my Spotify account, just would not play any media. I literally after a whole weekend, hit a brick wall with this.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to make this work? Move away from Spotify as they just seem to mess up there APIs too much? Is TIDAL a better option? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I use YTmusic premium but if I have to go down another route, I will.