Melcloud energy sensors

Would it be possible to expose various energy readings to HomeAssistant? MelCloud listdevices shows that my Ecodan is reporting daily energy consumption & use for hot water & heating (ie 4 sensors) but I can’t access them. I am trying to assess the heating energy performance of my new home and this is the missing set of data. ListDevices includes the data I need, e.g.:-
DailyHeatingEnergyConsumed : 5.06 DailyHeatingEnergyProduced : 15.21 DailyHotWaterEnergyConsumed : 2.3 DailyHotWaterEnergyProduced : 5.5
If this can’t be added to the standard integration, how can I access this data myself?

You’re better off just getting a Shelley cloud device and ct clamp. Put this on your heat pump mains cable. In the MELCloud integration it says it’s hard to get to the energy data.