Meraki for presence

Anyone here know of any existing efforts to add Meraki as a component for presence detection (


I’m interested in this too! Some the the Meraki AP’s even come with Bluetooth LE now, not sure how it works but it sounds like it should be able to track tags somehow. That would be a nice and clean solution.

I’ve got some code I cobbled together I can share with you if you want to try. You need to have access to the admin dashboard as the Meraki Location API does REST calls outbound from the meraki cloud.

That would be interesting to try, how does it work?

Ok- Put the code up here:

Its not trivial to get working, but its a start. I can try to provide help, but don’t expect much.


Is there anything newer than this, allowing me to use Meraki for Presence? Or should i just setup my old Pi Zero W’s?