Meross Custom Component not working after HACS update

Not sure where to post this, but I updated the Meross integration to version 20200412.2 via HACS this morning and noticed an error notification.

I have since removed the integration and deleted it from HACS and re-installed it. Now the integration is missing and unavailable for installation via the add integration page.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

Maybe post an issue on the Github repository - I think someone already has.

Thanks Daryl, will do.

My impression is that this has to do with the Home-Assistant Core update to 2022.5.3. I had the same experience after the HA core update and also my Wyze Sense integration stopped working. I reverted to HA Core 2022.5.2 and both Meross and Wyze Sense are working again.

I had the same problem and just went into HACS, found the integration and just reloaded and restarted HA. Worked fine after.