Meross MTS960 Thermostat

Hey everyone,

i recently bought a Meross MTS960 thermostat to have control over an IR wall heating.
HA HomeKit identifies the thermostat, but there are only very limited possibilities to control anything. I’m specifically interested in switching to temp presets that I previously defined (e.g. normal target temp is set at 19°C but with a switch in HA I want to set the target temp temporarily to 21°C).
Also, the HACS integrations for Meross only show energy consumption sensors but nothing more.
Is the thermostat the wrong one for my plan? Any ideas?

Thanks lot!

+1 to this.

I also bought a MTS960 in order to control a heating fan in my greenhouse, but all I can see are power, current, energy. No temperature!

I would have thought temperature was the most basic entity needed on a thermometer!

Please could we have current temperature, and also the target temperature.