"Message malformed: Integration '' not found" in Automations

Hi guys, after last update, when i try to create an automation that has a Template Trigger I receive the message: Message malformed: Integration ‘’ not found. No matter what i type in the Template box for the trigger. Anyone has fixed this?

It’s quite hard to help when you don’t know what the automation is

Any automation I try, no matter what, I get that error message.

Can you post code for your automation?

description: ''
  - platform: template
    value_template: >-
      {% set ora_sveglia =
      strptime(states('input_datetime.alarm'), '%H:%M')[0] +
      strptime(states('input_datetime.alarm'), '%H:%M')[1] +
      ':' + strptime(states('input_datetime.alarm'), '%H:%M')[3] +
      strptime(states('input_datetime.alarm'), '%H:%M')[4]%}
      {% if ora_sveglia == states('sensor.time') and
      is_state('sensor.is_alarm_day', 'true')
      and is_state('input_boolean.alarm_onf', 'on')%}
condition: []
  - service: script.toggle
mode: single

This is the code i’m trying to use, but i can’t save it because of that error message.

On Developer Tools ==> states, do you have entities:
and what is the values?

I’m fairly sure strptime returns string.
Generally you can’t add strings together as math. You probably need to | int them.
But most likely there is a different way to do it.

What is the inputs and what are you expecting as output?

You’re using more date arithmetic than is necessary.

It appears you are simply trying to determine if the value of input_datetime.alarm matches the current time (reported by sensor.time). Your entire template can be reduced to this:

      {{ states('input_datetime.alarm')[:5] == states('sensor.time') and
         is_state('sensor.is_alarm_day', 'true') and
         is_state('input_boolean.alarm_onf', 'on') }}

The template will return true or false.

Your entire template can be reduced to this:

Thanks, I didn’t know about [:5] to select first 5.

Anyway the error was still showing, no matter how many times I reloaded HA. In the end i tried to use the internal URL.
Result: The same automation that was showing me the error using the external URL works just fine if i set it using my HA internal URL. Don’t know why but at least i can save and use it now.

Thanks to anyone for the help!