, OpenWeatherMap Weather Conditions -- exhaustive list?

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Hi, folks!

I’m trying to automate based on OpenWeatherMap or (there’s no tag for met, and adding one is unclear, btw!).

I was wondering if there’s an exhaustive list of weather conditions – i.e., “Sunny” “Cloudy” “Partly Cloudy”, “Rainy” and whatnot that are provided by the weather entities.

I’d like to record when the last rain is, as I have an automation that should only run a few days afterwards, but I can’t find docs on what values will show up for the weather condition.

Back in the days when I designed the weather integration the following conditions were defined as the most-common ones. The different conditions of the platforms are matched to those. Unfortunately there is no automatic way (or at least I’m not aware of one) to check if a platform is providing a condition.

Thank you!

Have you managed to do this ?

I’ve just set up a binary sensor that will be on if rain is forecast within the next two days, but am uncertain how I can look back a day or two.

From what I can tell, there’s no ability to query history, which kinda sucks.

What I did was to make an automation:

  • Trigger: Any time the state weather.home changes
  • Condition: not when the state is known not to be rainy:
    - clear-night
    - cloudy
    - exceptional
    - fog
    - lightning
    - partlycloudy
    - sunny
    - windy
    - windy-variant
  • Set a variable var.last_rain to {{ now().timestamp() }}

…this requires the HACS integration for variables.

Oh, also, be careful as the lists can get mangled in the UI. Saving the YAML list works, but after save, when you re-load the YAML list, it shows up as a string "clear-night,cloudy,exceptional (etc) " in the UI instead.