Mi lIghts and Sonoff

Hello everyone

I´m looking for a way to have it all regarding led strips: RGBW or single color dimming control, on/off and NORMAL wall switch.

I´m currently using several Tasmotised Sonoffs, as it provides support for a normal wall switch (through GPIO14), so the installation is invisible.

So my brainer comes when I want to add dimmer control to the led strip (adding RGBW would be astonishing), so I had thought of adding a limitless LED controller and wifi box after the sonoff, but I´m not sure about this, since i don´t know the boot up time for de controller and if it will be recognized by HA.

Any ideas?



Pretty please?

I’m not sure why you would use a sonoff behind/as well as a Mi-Light box… Both are supported in HA. I use both but not on the same circuit…

In direct answer to your question the iBox2 boots up quickly…

I don’t entirely understand. Tasmota supports WS2812/SK6812 RGBW LED strips - why add additional anything?

Hi, sorry for the delay.

I have a rather large LED strip for the living room (~25 meters) fed with a 16amp power source. It turns off with a sonoff, all well. But, if I were to use a Mi Light box or a magic home, I´d have to keep the power source on all the time, and it´s not very power smart (the source always dissipates some heat when connected)


How to make ibox2 work in HA? Excuse my English because I’m Brazilian. Thank you.

It’s fully documented under the LimitlessLED component.