Mi "smart" products for HA?

I’ve been using more and more Mi products with HA and rather happily. However it seems “recently” they’re removing the Dev/Lan control feature little by little. I like the products because they are cheap and are (were?) easy to configure. Maybe I had this feeling because I wasn’t using so many of their products.
Now I have about (exactly!) 12 of their products here and there (4 lights, 2 thermometers, 2 motion sensors, 2 door sensors, 1 wireless switch, 1 “hub”) and it is starting to be a bit of a headache.

I am even wondering if all products are compatible between each others as I just got a 13th product (smart plug) which I though would connect to the hub, but is in fact a wifi/bt one and which Mi Home app doesn’t even find. I got it because my “hub” is not yet controllable by HA (there is a very recent bug open and people are working on it) and I needed to link the motion detection with my water pressure pump.

I think their products are good looking in the simple sense of the term, they really blend in (you don’t see them) and it saves me hours making my own with a 3D printer and my lousy “hacker skills…”.

So I am curious to hear what the HA community with “similar skills” as mine use. I live in a country far far away and in general getting things is difficult.

And my last issue with the Mi bedside lamp is that while I have 2, I set up the 1st one using the Yeelight app to get Lan control and the Mi Home app where I logged in with my… (shame on me!) Google account. And then the 2nd one they have removed the possibility to login with Google account (I really wonder why…) and then I can either get the Lan control on in Yeelight and not see the lamp in Mi Home (but in HA) , or reset it, see it in Mi Home (where I have the above set of products which unfortunately don’t work in HA) and then no longer see the lamp in HA. Because of that Google account issue I’ve also lost the ability to see the other lamps in either app (unless I reset them) and therefore can’t update their firmware.

I am starting to feel I bet on the wrong horse and I should direct myself towards better products (for me using HA). So please tell me how you overcome this frustration of buying from Brand who (seem to?) have little considerations for their customers?

Thank you.