MicroPython code for interfacing XBee S2C ZigBee radios to a microcontroller

Just in case anyone else is still using XBee S2C ZB radios with a microcontroller project, and running MicroPython (I can’t be the only one, right?), I shared some code from my weekend project:

idatum/xbee-mpy: MicroPython code to control Digi XBee Series 2C devices with a microcontroller. (github.com)

The newer XBee3 of course runs its own MicroPython, but I still like to use a couple of the older XBee radios I have left. I couldn’t find any code online. I developed this using a Raspberry Pi Pico so I can transmit and receive on my mesh network. It should work on any MicroPython microcontroller with a UART connected to an XBee radio with API mode 1 or 2 firmware.

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