MiFlora and ESPHOME and RPI + miflora-mqtt-daemon

Hi guys,

i have an HA setup with some MiFlora sensor being gathered by miflora-mqtt-daemon running on a couple of RPI3 which I have around the house for other purposes primarily (transmission, Kodi, running deepstack server with Coral USB Stick).
Issue is these are not really well placed to catch all the plants.

Also around the house I have quite a lot of ESP32 with ESPHOME so I could use it: I gave up time ago as BLE implementation was a bit buggy (frequent disconnections, OTA not working).

Recently I tried to flash and ESP32 with 1.15-dev version of ESPHOME and latest Platformio (4.3.1) and issue seems gone.

Now I was wondering if it is possible to have the same MiFlora gathered by multiple devices (i.e. RPI running miflora-mqtt-daemon and ESP32 with ESPHOME) and publishing value on a single sensor.
I guess this could be achieved with some sensor templating merging the two: a simple average could work but I am not sure how to manage in case one of the two is “NaN” or “Unknown”.

Can someone provide a hint?

I have a similar setup and I am interested also. Have you succeeded somehow to integrate the two platforms?

No I didn’t

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