Migrate from Ubuntu server with docker to HA Operating System


I’m trying to migrate my Intel NUC based HA setup that runs Ubuntu server with docker and HA to a supported configuration based on HA Operating System. Since the hardware itself (the Intel NUC in my case) still runs fine, I purchased an extra SSD so I can migrate as soon as I found the right approach. :slight_smile:

I already installed HA based on the Home Assistant Operating System on the new SSD. My goal is to migrate at least certain addons like VaultWarden and Unifi controller, but If I can migrate other configurations and addins without pain that is also appreciated (Plex, MySQL, Adguard etc.).

What is the right approach here? Create backups of the configurations I mention and copy over the backup files and restore them on the new installation? Or will this only work if I first setup my new configuration with the same addons and then restore?

It should work without having to install the addons first.

Indeed, working flawless I see. Expected a lot more troubles. :slight_smile:

Question related to the above one: on my previous installation (Intel NUC, docker, Ubuntu server) I had ‘DSMR slimme meter’ integration via an USB P1 cable connected to my smart power meter. Now that I’m running Home Assistant Operating System, it can no longer find my USB cable.

According to documentation, there is no additional work needed to get physical hardware working on HA OS. On my previous configuration I could just add the DSMR integration by selecting my first USB device and I was done.

Doing anything wrong here? Also not seeing the device when doing ‘ha hardware info’ via SSH.

Subtle kick :slight_smile: