Migrate HA snapd installation to HA Linux package installation

Relatively new user of HA, but committed to it and have my home well configured with lights, switches, sprinklers, security system, etc. Recently subscribed to the cloud service to support the devs.

My current setup is on a Manjaro server using snapd. I chose snapd because the Arch repo was way behind when I started using HA a couple months ago (snapd was almost up to date). The maintainer woke up recently and now updates HA within a few days of an update in the Arch repo.

Question: How do I migrate an HA installation to essentially another HA installation? The tutorials on here mostly mention how to backup/restore HA OS-type installations. I’d like to keep all devices, automations, cloud connectivity, history, etc.

If it’s not possible, I’ll eventually move it over manually (copy yaml files and re-setup the devices).

Copy your /config directory, and everything beneath, including the hidden .storage directory.

Thanks, Francis. I’ll give this a go soon!