Migrating from another platform, moving rules

I’m moving slowly over home assistant. In doing so I’m replicating some of my rules. Initially with input_booleans to replicate a light or my heating switch.

Now that I see those working as I want I do want to start making my automations take effect. I’ve made switches on my old system to disable rules.

Short of taking a copy of my new automations and replacing the input_boolean with an actual switch, is there a way I can do this easily?

Just edit the automation and replace the input_boolean with your switch. Also you didn’t have to do this:

You can disable the automations in Configuration / Automations.

Sorry, my old system is openHAB, so yes I did have to do this. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I was hoping there might have been a way I could magically alter the switch between a fake one and the real one (ie at runtime)

Magically, no.

By editing the automation, yes.

You can always use a text editor capable of search and replace to edit automations.yaml to replace input_boolean.whale with switch.petunia and then reload the automations.

Isn’t the call service for input_boolean different from a switch though? I didn’t think I could just substitute one for the other

Yes it is. Unless you used the homeassistant.toggle/turn_on/turn_off service.

So you will likely have to replace that too.