Migrating From Core to Hassio - Missing Add-Ons

Hi All. I have been using Home Assistant Core for a few months now and love it. The problem is, I am running into constant maintenance issues with the core installation that I am not build to handle. So, I decided to switch to Home Assistant so the Supervisor could manage the system, for me. The problem is, with Core, there were hundreds of add ons available. When I look at the Hassio add on store, I see a list of maybe 30 items to choose from. I tried adding the core repo to the add on store but it rejected it. How do I get to the Ring, Rainmachine etc. add-ons that are available in core but seemingly not in Home Assistant?

There is nothing in core that is unavailable in Supervised. I think you are confusing addons (supervised only) with integrations (available in core and supervised)

Thanks. You are correct. I didn’t realize the add-ons were different from integrations.

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