Migrating from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu Server) and Dooker

Hi - I’ve been running HA in Windows for a while and am looking to migrate it to use it in Docker running on Ubuntu Server. At the moment it’s on Windows Home Server 2011. Eventually I’d like to completely wipe Windows and replace it with Ubuntu Server and Docker. In preparation for this, I’ve been testing out Ubuntu Server in Virtualbox running on the same Windows server.

I’m wondering if I can just copy the entire contents of the current configuration folder in the Windows installation to the /config folder on the test Linux/Docker installation? Are there specific files/folders I should not copy across? Do I need to copy all the ‘deps’ folders? The idea is to recreate the current HA configuration without having to redo all my customizations from scratch.

I tried to copy everything over but can’t log in. It accepts my credentials but not my one-time token. That sort of makes sense since that sort of stuff would be tied to a specific installation. Am I better off creating a new clean deployment on Docker, setting up the users and one-time tokens first, then copying across all the config files/folders?

Did you copy the hidden .storage folder too?

Yes. There are various auth*, core*, hacs* and other files in there.

I would say yes but there are potentially lots of files that you will need from the .storage folder depending on how you have various integrations installed (UI vs yaml) or how you configured lovelace (again UI vs yaml). Along with all of the long term access tokens you have created for various services if there are any.

OK, so I deleted the auth_module.totp file from the .storage folder and that let me back in with just the password - no multi-factor token required. I can now go into my profile and re-enable MFA if I want. Everything else looks good (barring a few path references that need fixed).