Migrating Home Assistant from 'Supervised' to Home Assistant OS


I just migrated my HA setup from a Debian-based laptop to a RPi (Home Assistant OS).
I restored the snapshot that I took in Debian into the RPi.
Now, everything’s working fine, but just wanted to ask if there’s anything else that I need to do? Any required adjustments from the Supervised version to HA OS?


Can’t think of any. Maybe tweaking the hardware address for network sensors if you have them?

Check any addons you have support the new hardware platform.

Any errors in your logs?

No log errors.
Meanwhile everything seems to work fine. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Hi Tzahi

I tried doing a similar operation (Going from Supervised on Ubuntu/Docker to HA OS on Virtualbox image), but just can restore the backup.

The new Home Assistant OS image starts fine on Virtualbox. When I get to the first startup screen (onboarding) where you can either start fresh or restore from a backup - I choose restore from backup - choose wipe and restore - and the system just reverts to the startup screen.

How did you restore your backup - and did you have any problems doing it ?

Did you manage to find a solution for this? I’m facing the same issue. Moving from a Supervised version in an SSD on RPi to an OS installed in in an SD Card on the same RPi

Sorry I can’t remember what I did. But the historical data in my system goes back to before the date that I migrated - so I must have succeeded.

Oh i remember now: I didnt go the virtualbox route and instead did a standalone installation on an intel nuc. So it must have imported fine there