Migrating over from SmartThings; 2-in-1 Z-Wave and ZigBee stick or 2 separate ones? Europe

I know you guys must get this question every day, I have looked into the forums but I still cannot find some good recommendations.

I am migrating over from SmartThings to HA. I have a mixture of both ZigBee and Z-Wave Devices that I would like to start using with HA.

As far as I can see, the Nortek HUSBZB-1 is the only(?) stick that supports both Z-Wave and ZigBee but it doesn’t support Z-Wave S2 and I have seen some users complaining about ZigBee on this device not being the best. And it looks like this doesn’t work in Europe.

What’s your setup like? And what do you suggest my approach to be.

One thing to note is that I am running HA on a Proxmox VM in a rack, so likely I would need a USB extension cable to extend this USB stick outside of the rack.

TL;DR: What is the best combo Z-Wave, ZigBee or two separate ones that give less trouble to be used in Europe

Hi, I’m in the process of migrating everything from Hubitat to HA, did you get any answers on what sticks to get?