Migrating to new hardware - Addons won't start!

I’m trying to move from an RPi3 to an RPi4.

I made a backup and powered off the old system. When powering on the new system, I chose to restore from backup. The RPi3 and RPi4 are both running a 64 bit version of hassio.

I updated my dhcp server so that the new system gets the same IP as the old one.

It mostly worked, except that all my addons refuse to start, including Z-wave JS. However when I look at the logs it looks like it is running. This is the case for the File Editor, NGINX, Samba, etc. addons

For instance, the clicking the Terminal & SSH addon on the side bar gives the error “Add-on is not running. Please start it first”, but I can ssh in from remote.

Same situation here for google drive backup, zerotier and terminalssh addons.
I could no find the way to write separately so i used reply.

Same! Tried reloading the supervisor, but no dice…