Migration from ConBee II to SkyConnect not working

I’m trying to migrate from ConBee II. I’ve updated the stick to the latest firmware so there should be no issue there according to the migration steps.

I’ve followed Migrate a ZHA network official tutorial.
Ends up with all my Zigbees being unaccessible with “EmberStatus.DELIVERY_FAILED”.

The only think I’ve ended up with is two sticks with the same IEEE. Completely worthless…

I have 68 Zigbee devices that it not an option to start afresh.

Is there anyone out there that know how to get Skyconnect working from ConBee II???

I can’t help much other than to say that I migrated from a Conbee II to Skyconnect several months ago and it worked very well, so it does work…

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Plenty of folks use a skyconnect successfully. Just because something doesn’t work doesn’t mean it’s immediately a scam and it’s a good way to get ignored. You may want to reconsider the subject of your topic.

That said. We need the logs to know what’s going on.

What you did post doesnt give any clue.

If you have the duped IEEE code it obviously saw the stick… Need the logs to find out next.

Also why? Are you looking just. To get away from the conbee that’s one thing (I run a conbee II on z2M successfully myself) but if you’re planning to move for multi stack radio (zigbee / Thread) you should know the dev team currently recommends only running in that configuration for test purposes for stability reasons. (see state of matter thread) - pun not intended


Topic is closed due to inflammatory click bait nature of the title. Please change it to something in line with what your post is asking, like “Help with Skyconnect migration” and I will open the topic again.