Migration from Smartthings?


I’m thinking about migrate my smart home from smartthings to home assistant, but I’m afraid my devices arent supported… can you help me?
I have:
Amazon echo dot
2 Philips hue light (no hue bridge)
2 IR controller (they control AC, TV)
2 sonoff mini switch
2 sonoff Basic r2
2 Samsung motion&temp sensor
1 xiaomi Aqara temp&humidity sensor
1 aeotec multisensor 6
2 tuya wifi bulb

Thank u!

As a first step - you can use “hybrid” model - keep devices connected to ST and integrate ST in HA. Or move supported devices directly to HA and unsupported (but I’m surprised if there are some) - in ST.

I did exactly the same thing about a year ago… I ran smartthings along side HA… and over the course of a few weeks moved my devices and associated automations across to HA piecemeal. The hardest part being new to HA was moving my automated thermostat across to HA… but once done the new solution was a lot more elegant because HA is so much more capable than smartthings.