Milano electric radiator integration

Hi all, I am considering the below radiator and not completely sure it will integrate with HA.

Milano Windsor - Traditional White Horizontal Double Column Electric Radiator - 600mm x 1505mm - with Choice of Wi-Fi Thermostat

The only indicator as to what type of smart heating element it comes with are two links to apple and android smart apps and the app T&Cs point to content on the domain

If their rads don’t integrate with HA, I’m probably not gonna go down this path. Can anyone provide some advice?


Tuya is an OEM manufacturer of cheap microprocessors with “White Label” cloud services for device makers, so it’s not a surprise if it is a Tuya device.

Tuya has had a “mixed history” with HASS, with at one point an official integration which then apparently became cloud-only abandon-ware.

Early Tuya chips were ESP controllers, so able to be flashed with no-cloud firmware:

Later hardware can not be flashed, so my preference would be to desolder and remove Tyua daughterboards from devices and replace them with pin-compatible ESP32 capable of running ESPhome or Tasmota firmware. Here’s an example by Blakadder:

Personally, if you don’t have good electronics knowledge and enjoy replacing hardware and re-implementing software, I’d look for future appliances with open, local-only, privacy-respecting interfaces like Matter, Thread, MQTT, etc. At the very least, check the list of HASS integrations before buying.

And yes, I know appliances like this don’t really exist yet in many categories - that’s a part of why I continue have good electronics knowledge! :slight_smile:

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