MiLight Wifi Bridge Help

Hi All

I have purchased a new Mi-Light Wifi Bridge, but having some problems getting setup.
I have it working through the android phone app no problem.

If I try to control it through the windows admin tool that is on the limitless dev site, the bridge can’t be found. I need to determine what version of bridge this is. On the from of the bridge it has Ibox 2 and if I go into the admin on the bridges ip it shows software version V1.0.08.

In the windows admin tool it searches on port 48899, yet in the bridges admin it is set to 8899. On the thread for the V6 fork they are using port 5987.

So confusion reigns, how do I determine what I have, and what settings I should have.

Once I have it working though the windows admin tool I can attempt to setup with HA.

Thanks for any help


Post a link to the bridge you bought and it should be pretty easy to tell you which version you have.

At first, I would say you have the V6. And which app do you use?

Hi Thanks for the reply.

The unit was purchased from amazon. Not in the web ui or printed on the unit does it have reference to v6.

The app is mi-light version 3.3. It works fine with this but not with the limitless windows app or the HA setup. The hardware is proven, but the settings are not.

I am using wireshark to monitor the bridge, When sending from the phone nothing shows on the ip for the bridge, but the leds work. When switching from windows app, it shows on wireshark, but the lights don’t work. need to find out what the mobile app is sending but not sure how to.


I’m having the same problem. Did you ever figure this out? I have a “ibox1” Bridge I have working with version 4, but no luck with the other ibox2.

If you can’t find the bridge from your pc you want to investigate if SSDP, Multicast etc are working well on your network. Check your router settings or perhaps you work in a virtual machine witch is blocking multicast.

I’m able to find the bridge fine, just the combo of version,port and type (for the milight “ibox2”). Nothing seems to work. I can control both of my bridges with the android app.

What is your config?