Milk delivery notifications on specific day on front-end

I was hoping for a bit of help as all other topics I found don’t offer what I’m looking for or what I don’t know what to search for :slight_smile: .
I have a tablet by the entrance where we walk by every morning, with motion detection.
It has its own dashboard and that works fine and is mostly for information and manual triggers if need be.
My goal is, twice a week I get a milk delivery and we tend to forget to take it in, unless we leave the house but then you’re late again etc.
I want an automation where on these specific days of the week, there should be a big notification over the existing dashboard or maybe loading another dashboard based on triggers, but I don’t want a little text that nobody sees, I want a huge milk bottle across the whole tablet screen and once you open the door (door sensor trigger), the normal dashboard loads again. Something along those lines.

Is this possible and what should I be looking for or how would I best approach it?

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You will have to first make a image(jpg or png) of what you want to see in the dashboard. Store it the HA local folder. Let this file name be sample.jpg for me to explain the rest.

You will also have to install the custom component GitHub - thomasloven/hass-browser_mod: 🔹 A Home Assistant integration to turn your browser into a controllable entity and media player .You need to then set this up in your tablet. when finished you will be able to see the tablet browser as a device under this integration.

After installing this, you need to create a new camera with the platform file. For this go the configuration.yaml and paste the following.

  - platform: local_file
    file_path: config/www/sample.jpg
    name: milk

You can now use the browser mode more_info service to open this new camera entity on the tablet frontend. This should do the trick for you.

Thanks a lot for the answer @sheminasalam , much appreciated.
Although, not that your solution was bad in any way, but I think I found a better one.
Until today, I didn’t know that Fully Kiosk Browser is an integration in HA, just found it by coincidence.
FKB comes with a service to load web pages in automations, which is exactly what I needed.
That way I can create an additional page which is loaded based on the automation and I can navigate away to the default tablet page at any time.

Thanks again

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