Mill electrical heater and Home Assistant?

Just bought a Mill glass electric heater for one of our rooms. It’s wifi enabled and connecting to the Mill app without issue.
The Home Assitant Mill integration is set up and I have the climate entity for the heater.

I’m having some difficulty in figuring out how Home Assistant treats my Mill heater and the different states.

I can set a schedule via the app that has a target temperature - How does that function together with Home Assistant, say if I turn the temperature up or down via Home Assistant? Will HA override the app schedule?

Home Assistant has a “heat” and “off” mode for the Mill entity. Is “off” meant to mean just that, turned off and the heater will not begin heating under any circumstances by itself?

I probably have a bunch more questions, but let’s start with the above :slight_smile:


I am wondering the same myself. Does anyone have any insight into this?

Bump! I also have this question!

If you want more control options in HA try setting the heater to ‘Control device individually’ mode within the Mill app.

The HA modes (heat/off) can better be thought of as an on/off switch. When the mode is off, the oven will never begin heating in under any circumstance. When the mode is heat, the oven will heat as necessary to keep the target temperature. In other words, it will heat if temp < target temp, otherwise it will idle. If you use a schedule in the app, this is what determines the target temperature. With the “control device individually” setting, you can control the target temperature directly in HA or the mill app.

To sum up, the oven has two modes: heat (on)/off, and two possible states when mode is “heat”: heating/idle.

One thing I don’t know: What’s the effect of setting a target temperature in HA when the oven is controlled by a schedule in the mill app?

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I never could get a schedule and HA-integration to function properly, so I decided to not have our Mill heater integrated in my HA. It’s the easy way out, but after having tinkered with it for a few hours I didn’t really bother continuing :slightly_smiling_face: