Min_max sensor - unknown state

Hi there,

since yesterday my min_max sensor is not showing the correct state anymore:
It only shows as unknown.


  - platform: min_max
    type: mean
    name: avgilluminance
    round_digits: 0
      - sensor.fib_bath_top_light
      - sensor.fib_kitchen_light
      - sensor.fib_living_light

However, the attribute mean actually shows the correct value. As do all the other attributes.
Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

Does your log contain a warning that says: “Units of measurement do not match for entity …”? If so, that’s why. The state of the min_max entity will be unknown if the unit_of_measurement attribute of the “input” sensors don’t match. It’s possible one of the input sensors temporarily have an incorrect unit_of_measurement attribute. Since sensor.fib_kitchen_light was the last entity to update, maybe check that entity’s state.

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Indeed that was the culprit. My Zwave config went haywire… had to completely redo it. Now the sensor works fine again.

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