Minimalist Popup cards - never?

I can’t get any popus to appear in ui-minimalist. My cards have:

In configuration.yaml I have:

#This allows popups for ui-minimalist theme:

and - in home.yaml I have:


  • type: horizontal-stack
    • type: “custom:button-card”
      template: card_thermostat
      entity: climate.nest_learning_thermostat
      ulm_card_thermostat_enable_collapse: true
      ulm_card_thermostat_enable_controls: true
      ulm_card_thermostat_enable_hvac_modes: true
      ulm_card_thermostat_enable_popup: true
      ulm_card_thermostat_preset_mode: true

I added the two above variables (ulm_card_thermostat_enable_popup: true and
ulm_card_thermostat_preset_mode: true), but there is still no popup appearing when I hold my finger down on any part of the thermostat (since it is launched by “hold down”) - or tap it on anything else! What am I missing to get the popup cards?

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