Missing functionality in SamsungTV component (model: F8500)

Hi Team, I have been experimenting with home-assistant and so far can’t fault it!
Discovery has found my Samsung SmartTV however i only get limited controls, volume, power.

Is this the expected behavior? I know i can call other controls using the code: https://github.com/Tristan79/iSamsungTV and was wondering if the inbuilt component could be enhanced?

Currently the Samsung component uses samsungctl (on mobile but search GitHub). If your desired fictions are supported there then it should be possible to bring them to ha in some capacity or another.

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Awesome, i just tested the samsungctl code and it has the functionality i’m looking for. Any advice how to implement the additional controls into the HA Samsung SmartTV component?

You’ll want to build a custom component based on the Samsung media player or update the matter and submit a PR.