Missing .homeassistant after imaging with 1.23 (Pi 3 B)

Any idea why I would be missing the /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant directory?
This was my my second attempt, third if you count my first one on a different SD card that I could not SSH into. I know it sounds like I might be smoking something, but I not :slight_smile: . Although I am a newbie I don’t how I can mess up running etcher and booting.

I imaged an SD serval times for a Pi 1 B and it booted with HASS and SSH right out of the box.
Unless someone has any suggestions for troubleshooting, my next step will be to start with Jessie and try and install HASS from scratch.

Any thoughts?

Tried twice on two different SD cards installing from scratch. I imaged with Jessie lite, then ran the all in one command curl -O https: //.githubusercontent.com/home-assistant/fabric-home-assistant/master/hass_rpi_installer.sh && sudo chown pi:pi hass_rpi_installer.sh && bash hass_rpi_installer.sh

Both times it had issues and would not boot. I am starting to think I have bad hardware. This is a brand new Pi 3. I do have a second one on order that will be here today. It maybe Monday before I have time to try it.

Just out of curiosity, I image one of the micro SD with Jessie. Then using a micro to mini adapter, I am trying a “all in one” install to my Pi 1 B. Just another troubleshooting step. Been running for 5 minutes, that is longer than the Pi 3.

Finally received the second pi yesterday. As mentioned I tried two different SD cards while imaging them more than once. Of the 8+ image attempts between 2 different SD cards, most of the time I could not SSH into the Pi. Sometimes the install scripts would lock up if I got past the SSH. The last SD card of the last image, would not let me SSH into it. So with the same SD card, same network, and same power supply, I moved the SD card into the second one and was able to SSH into. Also, I have installed more packages than ever did with the first one.
So I have a lot of confidence that my install issues so far have been hardware. Now that I am getting installed, I can move to configurations, but that is another thread. :wink: