Missing key elements of Hassio after emergency rebuild

After I did an emergency rebuild of my Home Assistant environment on a different server, I don’t see the basic info about Hass.io:

When I go to the Server Control, I no longer have the option to reload automations, groups, etc.


Did you activate the advanced mode for your user ?
Click on your user badge (lower left corner) then in your profile, activate advanced mode.

OMG! Thank you. I forgot all about that. I got the Reload Group, etc. back. But I’m not seeing the the ability to see what version of Hass.io and seeing if I need an update. I’m going restrt the server to see if it makes a diff.


The version you have is displayed in developers tools, tab INFO. Not in Hassio category.
If you have any available update it will just popup in Hassio category (your 1st screenshot)

By the way, updater will take around 1 hour after a restart to get the possible update, you can also check your version in dev tools and check on https://updater.home-assistant.io/ the current available version.

In dev tools and states, you can also check the state of entity binary_sensor.updater :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @SNoof85. I love our HA community!
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