Missing required option 'password' in Samba share


I’m trying to install Samba Shara, but I keep running in the below error message. (version 9.5.1)
I already tried changing the username and password, reboot with addon installed, reboot without addon installed.

Does someone have a clue what the issue could be?

Failed to save add-on configuration, Missing required option 'password' in Samba share (core_samba). Got {'workgroup': 'WORKGROUP', 'username': 'homeassistant', 'password': None, 'allow_hosts': ['', '', '', 'fe80::/10'], 'veto_files': ['._*', '.DS_Store', 'Thumbs.db', 'icon?', '.Trashes'], 'compatibility_mode': False}

The configuration looks like this:

workgroup: WORKGROUP
username: homeassistant
password: test123
  - fe80::/10
  - ._*
  - .DS_Store
  - Thumbs.db
  - icon?
  - .Trashes
compatibility_mode: false


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I am having the exact same issue, have you found the solution?