Mobile Alerts/TFA/Weatherhub

Hi at all.

I am searching for a Mobile Alerts Plugin for HomeAssistent like this:

I only would like to receive my Sensor Data with phoneID.
Here is a sample:

Thanks in advance.

BR Tom

The website is not working for me.
With your own phoneID

I’ve implemented a quarkus based REST-wrapper for the mobile alerts web page. You can find it on docker hub:

With this you can integrate the values using the RESTful sensors ( RESTful Sensor - Home Assistant ). I’m using Node RED for retrieving the values and pushing them to MQTT broker.

Check out please my integration MobileAlerts / TFA WeatherHub Integration

Hi, i want to integrate MobileAletrs in HomeAssistant, but it dosn´t work. I have copy ha_mobilealerts and MMMMobileAlerts to the folder Custom_components but i didn´t find anything in the APP.

Can you help me?